Wednesday, 14 May 2014

summer show prep is not a summer holiday!

So, summer show is looming, along with the final practical's what I have planned...

  • An audio tour.  recorded with binoral microphones so it gives a fully surround effect to the listener.  I'm making it seem they're on a rural endangered wildlife tour.  With different sound effects, directions, information about the different species, you get a full tour of each artwork I've put around the city with bits suggesting the differences of urban and rural, how they juxtapose one another and what would be in and around the city if there wasn't a city there at all.
  • The pieces themselves.  I've chosen eight different species (after a lot of research, emailing large corporations and agencies for information etc.) that are endangered in the Plymouth/Devon area.  I've organised to put them around the city just before the summer show so they can be viewed by the public, by the audio tour listeners and by the fieldbook readers.
  • A 'forgotten' fieldbook.  I'm using a sketchbook/fieldbook as another way to bring people to view my work.  I'm going to have the original at the studio during the show but I'm also planning on printing a load of cheap almost crappy looking copies that are a lot smaller and easy to use as flyers.  I'll flyer these around the city to places like the tourist information centre, cafes, restaurants, the aquarium etc. anywhere that will have them really!  It will have a bit of info in them that the audio tour also has on it so that the viewers can learn a bit about each animal.  It'll also have a map in it so they can go and find and view all the works.
  • Studio desk.  I'm hoping to find a desk that will be made up to be Bills, the wildlife tour guide.  I'm going to leave it as if he's been using it but away from his desk.  It will hold my original sketchbook and business cards along with an array of props, such as dirty welly boots, a pair of binoculars, pressed and framed plants, wildlife books etc.
So, thats the plan...carrying it off is another story.  I've got about three and a half weeks left, a couple of days at work each time, pre op appointments and a life to live...focus is the only thing I need to do now...get on and focus...