Monday, 14 December 2009

so far beyond the body i cant even see myself...

so we've got our new assignment brief for beyond the body, i was just going with it before, knowing what it was, but not knowing the actual brief, even so I am still going to continue with this idea of optical illusion for the moment.  It fits in with how I've looked at Anish Kapoor's work, the idea of using form, space and scale.  It's also a new process that goes out of my comfort zone of just painting and photography.  I've haven't previously done any 3D work like this.  And it's definately 'experimental'!

It's going to be interesting trying to show my historical, professional and current contexts relevant to my work though.  How am I going to do that?!

Anyway, I'm going to have a play with shadow of piled up paint at some point soon to see what how easy it is to manipulate and if it will hold it's manipulation until dry...we.shall.see

peace out

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

been to london

Ok, so I went to london on Sunday night, managed to blag a free night at the Hilton Olympia with my Pop which, included free brekkie and a biscuit!  Went off on my own Monday morning to see the sights of London and try to find my way around without getting lost!

Headed to the Anish Kapoor exhibition first off at Royal Academy.  Managing not to get lost on the way I was happily waiting in the queue by ten, so it wasn't too long and winding, compared to when I came out at lunch time anyway!

Walked around the exhibition first, taking in all the art, other people and their reactions, the space and how it all fit together.  It was well laid out, put together and thought of.  It had to be the most enjoyable exhibition of my day.  

Yellow was one of the pieces that dissapointed me though.  It was famed with strong white and I think this took the essense away from the colour of the piece and the way that colour should draw you in.  I think if the whole wall was done in yellow it would have worked an awful lot better.  

Other favourites of mine where Vertigo, Shooting Into The Corner, and When I Am Pregnant.  The room with all the mirrored pieces was alive with laugher, talk and parents watching their younger children explore a new and unknown world.  I think this space fused the best with the public.  

I also ventured to the Turner Prize which to me, was a complete shambles.   I think that some of the work was alright but nothing worthy of being a Turner Prize winner.  Nothing seemed new or original, it all just seemed like the artists where trying to think of a reason Why too much.  Surely, not all art has to have a point, and can just be pure talent and beauty?

The Tate Modern held the exhibitions by John Baldessari and another called Pop Life with works by Tracy Emin, Damien Hurst, Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol.  But to be honest, i thought they both sucked a little.  Not my cup of tea, and certainly wouldn't pay £14 to go and see them again.

Although the rest of the Modern had some awesome stuff in their free galleries.  I saw works by Picasso, Bacon, Monet, Duchamp, Pollock, Dali, Man Ray and Giacometti.  They are just the tip of the iceberg!  There was so many pieces of work I have always wanted to see, so as you can imagine I was very happy with my day being a success and couldn't wait to get on the train home at 7:45


Friday, 4 December 2009

Beyond the body

that's the title of our next module, beoyond the body, I'm a bit stumped, well i was, now i think I've got plans to go along the optical illusion/shadow/light ideas.  Hopefully this can fit into my exhibition module to, seeing as we want to do an exhibition in the Hadaba called 'flick my switch' all to do with light...
I've seen Kumi Yamashita's work and it's absolutely amazing, look...

All this from a few layers of wooden letters and thought about light direction. 

 Kumi Yamashita
 City View, 2003

And then there is Tim Noble and Sue Webster with their famous pieces like this!

Tim Noble, Sue Webster
Life is Rubbish, 2002

This is just a starting point, all I know is that I want to evolve this idea around the Beyond the body title...I'm going to let my head unwind for a couple of days and then get on with some serious thinking!

peace out, opera time

works so far

Just a quick squiz at a few other pieces I've done already this term

My last project was on I.D and I ended up concerntrating on shoes

first attempt of my circa trainers

My slight bent and very old Gallaz

The beginnings of a 12 pair of shoes canvas, but as they seemed to take me FOREVER to come close to not finishing (!) I decided to just fill in the background and leave it so I didnt go stir crazy!

And finally my finished assessment show, all hung and finished to be assessed the next day...still awaiting my results, I will keep you posted!



Ok, so part of my exhibition module is to get out and about and see as many exhibitions as I can.  So, once again this season, I'm heading to London to visit as many as I can.  Last month I was up that way and had enough time to visit the Tate Britain and the National Portrait Gallery.

Thing was it was all a bit of a rush didn't get the chance to get into the Turner prize 09 so I'm heading up again this Sunday to visit both these, the Tate Modern, White Cube, V&A, Saatchi gallery and most importantly the Anish kapoor exhibition in the Royal Academy.  

Hopefully I will able to see all these in one day, but I'm to make sure I get to Kapoor's more than anything.  He is my artist and that is my exhibition concerned with my contextual studies which is due in on the 12th.  Better get my butt in gear!

well here we are...

and here I go!  Guess this is a good start to my next module. Thought it would be a good idea to collate a lot of my research on exhibitions, artists, galleries, and pretty much anything arty to do with my life/art/college.  
Here I can see an organised layout of my day to day research and work and at the end of the project I can have a nice collaboration of stuff on here to present for assessment day.  Good stuff.