Thursday, 28 January 2010

shots of the nightlife

I've been out once now to capture Plymouth's nightlife, especially the students binge drinking and acting without thought or control.  It's so strange for me, as I am usually in the same position as they are, but on Thursday I went out sober at half 12 at night.  I walked through the bus station, past a domineering alcohol pumped group of boys, up through town, past ride and stood for a while outside Firefly and Cuba.  It's right opposite the entrance for the students union, North Hill and the Burger van so I thought it would be a good spot to get some photography action.  The only problem with my idea, was that I was on my own so stuck out a little bit.  Also everytime I took a photo with flash, it caught everyones attention, then seeing my camera they all proceeded to want posed photographs...not what I wanted.  

I met with my housemate Liz, whom I'd given the disposable camera the same night.  She was pretty wrecked and got my best photographs of her that was the only one I thought worthy of playing with on photoshop...
Still doesn't show her being drunk enough so I am waiting for her disposable camera to be developed and then work from them.
Also theres a UV night at FireFly tomorrow night I'm getting a few friends to come with me too, giving them a disposable camera each as well as my own camera and video camera.  Should come out with some interesting results....but as I'm on a non-alcohol detox...again I'm going to be stone.cold.sober!

Friday, 22 January 2010

what a larry

So, anyway, this week, I've had a tutorial with John Goodwin, which was actually loads more helpful than anything else I've had with my tutors this module.  He gave me some really good starting points and ideas.
I worked out I was trying to run before I could walk!  I was trying to come up with a final project and aim for that than just letting it happen, which is actually something I've been told before but never listened.  Now I realise I need to just get the ideas of the process rather than the final piece and let them turn into a final piece itself.  This way I can use the process and experiment a lot more and not have to worry how it turns out because I don't have to use that idea. i was saying...

Larry Clark!  What a legend.  Maybe slightly strange but an amzing artist.  And perfect for me to study his work.  I've changed my mind with what I want to start off with for Beyond the Body.
I want to look at addiction.  How it gets hold of it's 'victim' and makes it almost impossible for them to get away without a struggle.  Take the serious cases of Heroine addicts, alcoholics etc.  Even binge drinkers, smokers, coffee drinkers, bulimics and people with eating disorders, they can't get enough of their addictions, it's something that fuels them, gives them a way to carry on.  It's almost as if it's beyond their bodily control to escape it...
Clark's work captures teenage and young adults behaviour behind closed doors.  He views their movements and lives like a voyeur as they dose themselves full of drugs, alcohol and sex.  

His most famous and relevant work was done from the 1960's to the 1990's.  it consisted of both photography and film.  He has done works on his life as a youth surrounded by his friends, and used other subjects to work off.  I am currently waiting for some of his films to come into the this space.
I'm off tonight to go snap some photographs of young drunken students out on the streets of Plymouth, I'm hoping for some drunken action, were as I will be stone.cold.sober!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

brainstorming time

I know, I know, brain storming is pretty lame, but it does help.  These are just some examples of quiet times at work trying to be put to good use and I'm afraid this is as good as it gets!
But hey, even after this I'm still not sure what I want to do.  I think it would be very simple if i didn't have to try and mix the final piece in with my exhibition module too.  I think what my idea is, is to find books and articles on addiction to drugs, alcohol, pretty much anything that is addictive, and work from there with photographs, get the drunks in the parks early in the morning, the teens coming out of the clubs, the students doing the walk of shame in the morning...showing how we interfere with our bodies so much these days, is there any point to show the effects of it all to us?  Does it make a difference?

We shall see what happens by this time next week...thats when I'm giving myself a deadline for a definate going point...


Hey, long time no speak, been relly busy over xmas and new year period, with play as well as work, but now getting back in the swing of things with college work again.
Just a quick post for now to get my delicious site up here too.  It's a website that helps organise and bookmark important webpages and sites to you.  So anything I like and feel like I will want to remember or share I can just stick on here and it's there for me or anyone else to take a gander.

Anyway have a search through, some good and some old on here.
Will be back soon