Thursday, 28 January 2010

shots of the nightlife

I've been out once now to capture Plymouth's nightlife, especially the students binge drinking and acting without thought or control.  It's so strange for me, as I am usually in the same position as they are, but on Thursday I went out sober at half 12 at night.  I walked through the bus station, past a domineering alcohol pumped group of boys, up through town, past ride and stood for a while outside Firefly and Cuba.  It's right opposite the entrance for the students union, North Hill and the Burger van so I thought it would be a good spot to get some photography action.  The only problem with my idea, was that I was on my own so stuck out a little bit.  Also everytime I took a photo with flash, it caught everyones attention, then seeing my camera they all proceeded to want posed photographs...not what I wanted.  

I met with my housemate Liz, whom I'd given the disposable camera the same night.  She was pretty wrecked and got my best photographs of her that was the only one I thought worthy of playing with on photoshop...
Still doesn't show her being drunk enough so I am waiting for her disposable camera to be developed and then work from them.
Also theres a UV night at FireFly tomorrow night I'm getting a few friends to come with me too, giving them a disposable camera each as well as my own camera and video camera.  Should come out with some interesting results....but as I'm on a non-alcohol detox...again I'm going to be stone.cold.sober!

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