Wednesday, 31 March 2010

exhibit your exhibited

So here are a few photographs of the exhibition we did at Ride, so if you weren't there, you'll get the jist of how it went...

So the first night was a Thursday, our opening night, filled with all four artists works and collaborations, free cocktails, live music, family, friends and many a welcome yet unknown guest.  I think it was pretty successful, but then, I had had a few of the free cocktails myself!
Little Elise cut out, looking wasted in the corner.  She glowed in the U.V light along with the rest of them.

This is based on a photograph of my brother pretending to throw up for me.  One of the funniest photograph's I've taken, and think it works pretty affectively as a wheatpaste too...Elise Darlow added in dripped wax for the sick, my mum and dad are proud of their children

Smoking Mikey and Pukey Joe!  Mikey's leaning on one of Elise's piece.  This was her cigarette machine.

Posing for media photographs...If only I had time to go home and get changed before the exhibition opened...I look rough as a badger

Getting involved with my sofa piece.  The sofa was done in parcel wrap paper, with the passed out James  done in blank newspaper.  It seemed to become the main part of the room, unintentionally, but worked pretty well.  The atmosphere set in the room by the lighting and stillness of all the figures, made this room become a room people wanted to hang out in.
The models checking themselves out.  Big thanks to Rara and Tim.

Mikey's work projected onto his walls all night.  Fitted in well with the whole concept of getting wasted.
So...all in all...Exhibition = DONE!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

done done and...done

Exhibition has been done, and went slightly more smoothly than I expected, although, working in a group that only consists of hot heads was an interesting experience to say the least.
assessment doen, I got 54%, which, to be honest was more than I thought I would gt for this module, I was expecting less as I found it so difficult to get into it.  But a pass is a pass and thats all that matters.  Onto the next one!
So now we're moving onto our next module, Beyond the body, so I've been doing lots of life-drawing which I love with a passion, had work but very worth it.

Monday, 1 March 2010

one more day

So it's one more day until I ready?  Yes and no.  With the things I have done up to this point I am happy, with the point I got to and the amount I have done, not really happy.  I know I've been ill and it took me a while to get sorted on what I actually wanted to do, but I realy wish I had got further with this project.  I think it could have got a lot more exciting.  
I just hope everything goes well and over all I come out happy with my result, even if I'm not hoping for the best.