Friday, 12 June 2015

It's all about the local talent...

So, last weekend, I was showing my art work at Native Makers summer fair which was great fun and an overall, successful jaunt.

We were Devonport Guildhall, a newly found gem of a building, an absolute corker.  When I was setting up early on in the day with not a cloud in the sky, looking up at the entrance, made me think I was in a Mediterranean country.

The local talent oozed out of the hall and it got the following it deserved too, through out the day the craft spotters came and went, ebbed and flowed, keeping us all busy and chatting.  The live music from Broder and Mary Jane acted as added bonus' for everyone, giving the whole place a great vibe all day long.

The shots below are taken from the Native Makers facebook page and taken by Steve Holmes and I also nabbed some from The Plymough Blogger where Meg and Aimee have also written a lovely piece about the fair here.