Monday, 26 January 2015

Drawing January...

So, it's been a while and I apologise.  I'm not very good at keeping up to date with all my social media, just sometimes!

I've been off work fixing legs and things so have had plenty of time to have been drawing lots!  I've done plenty of commissions, tattoo designs, stuff for fun and stuff to possibly sell, anything I've been doing, I've really enjoyed.  I love drawing!

I'm also really excited as I'm going into a local primary school as a visiting Artist.  I'm doing a session on local endangered species, teaching the children different techniques which I use to draw an image, giving them each an animal to go away and draw.  Then once they have their final image I'll give them a bit of text about the animal highlighting what the animal is, where it lives and eats and why it is endangered.  I'll gather all the work in at the end and take it home to create a pamphlet/booklet to use for advertising my educational work with children and for the school to keep.  Well, thats the plan, I don't think it'll go that smooth but fingers crossed!

I'm also going to begin to start trying for a couple of art and design fairs over the summer to keep me busy and focused with my art work.

But anyway, what have I been doing!  This is a feather design I've started for someones's a bit basic but I'm planning on adding more texture of an actual feather to the parts I haven't done this space!
This wave came about when someone asked me for a tattoo of a wave.  I started just sketching down ideas.  This was a bit realistic in my eyes but I might carry it on for a print? 

This is the beginnings of said wave tattoo.  It's only a start as it's the wrong shape but the ideas there.  I need to extend it upwards and downwards as it's a side piece.  I need to work out if it should be a colour piece as well, or just as it is so far...

Now this is the eye of my new friend, Mr. Fox!  We've been close over my healing time.  I've done more than this so far but I'll show you the final piece when I'm there.  It's going to be a really nice print.

And this is another tattoo for on a female sternum, in-between the boobs.  She seemed to like it so I'm happy!  I've done a few others but I either haven't finished them yet or haven't got any photos of them!  I need to focus on recording all my work!

See you again in a month or so, if not before, with more updates of what I'm doing at the moment.  It'll probably slow soon as I have my teaching exams coming up so need to revise the hell out of those!