Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Still, alcohol free and the fact I've been off sick for over 2 weeks with Glandular fever has helped a heck of a lot with keeping that real!  It's pretty grim and frustrating knowing I've had so much work to keep on top of, but only fevering my way deeper into no-return!  But finally I'm fighting fit and can get back on track.  I've even had a big rethink on how to get this project on the move and how to create a bigger bulk of work in a shorter amount of time.
I'm still doing new and exciting work, with processes I've never done before, but it's along the lines of the type of art I love. Bonus!
Wheatpasting.  It's another name for wall paperpaste, but a home made paste graffiti artists use for low budget yet effective street art.  You create a large image on paper behind closed doors, and then when your'e ready to publicise it, out you go, by the cover of night, and taadaa, instant street art.
One of my favourite wheatpasters would have to be a Graffer called Swoon.  She does intricate cut stencil like pieces that she just slaps up onto outdoor walls.  The reason I love them so much is because of the way they deteriate so beautifully.  They lose their white colour and fade to a light brown, peeling here and there.  It looks awesome.  I think I'm also pulled to her work because how they are a twist on stencil work and wheatpasting.  It's just a bit different.
He's my first attempt from yesterday...
from this

to this

Now I have a few other images I want to use but create big wheatpastes of them, and putting them outdoors too.  I'm thinking of on billboards and flyer mounts.  Maybe even using old posters, newspaper etc to make them with rather than just white.  I want to get some full body photographs of drunks so I can do life size images on walls, Think it will be pretty effective.  So...bear with me...

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