Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Night Owl

At last I've finally got something up on the wall you can actually see!  Went out last night with a flatmate who filmed me sticking it up with wheatpaste that was too thin, and with a strong breeze, making life extra difficult to get it on the wall quick.  Luckily, we were pretty quiet (apart from the loudest brush on wall sound ever) and it was off the main road, up a side alley were the only chance of getting caught was by onlookers from windows.
I watched a programme on Palm Oil the other night, and was so shocked and angered by it, I made a few flyers to stick up, put one up last night, near the school and it's already been taken off.  To be honest it was pretty grafic so I'm not really suprised, it's a bit of a come down though.
Going to try out a few more experiments today though and get out again tonight, maybe film a bit more.  Will fill you in again tomorrow if I get the time.

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