Wednesday, 9 December 2009

been to london

Ok, so I went to london on Sunday night, managed to blag a free night at the Hilton Olympia with my Pop which, included free brekkie and a biscuit!  Went off on my own Monday morning to see the sights of London and try to find my way around without getting lost!

Headed to the Anish Kapoor exhibition first off at Royal Academy.  Managing not to get lost on the way I was happily waiting in the queue by ten, so it wasn't too long and winding, compared to when I came out at lunch time anyway!

Walked around the exhibition first, taking in all the art, other people and their reactions, the space and how it all fit together.  It was well laid out, put together and thought of.  It had to be the most enjoyable exhibition of my day.  

Yellow was one of the pieces that dissapointed me though.  It was famed with strong white and I think this took the essense away from the colour of the piece and the way that colour should draw you in.  I think if the whole wall was done in yellow it would have worked an awful lot better.  

Other favourites of mine where Vertigo, Shooting Into The Corner, and When I Am Pregnant.  The room with all the mirrored pieces was alive with laugher, talk and parents watching their younger children explore a new and unknown world.  I think this space fused the best with the public.  

I also ventured to the Turner Prize which to me, was a complete shambles.   I think that some of the work was alright but nothing worthy of being a Turner Prize winner.  Nothing seemed new or original, it all just seemed like the artists where trying to think of a reason Why too much.  Surely, not all art has to have a point, and can just be pure talent and beauty?

The Tate Modern held the exhibitions by John Baldessari and another called Pop Life with works by Tracy Emin, Damien Hurst, Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol.  But to be honest, i thought they both sucked a little.  Not my cup of tea, and certainly wouldn't pay £14 to go and see them again.

Although the rest of the Modern had some awesome stuff in their free galleries.  I saw works by Picasso, Bacon, Monet, Duchamp, Pollock, Dali, Man Ray and Giacometti.  They are just the tip of the iceberg!  There was so many pieces of work I have always wanted to see, so as you can imagine I was very happy with my day being a success and couldn't wait to get on the train home at 7:45


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