Friday, 4 December 2009

Beyond the body

that's the title of our next module, beoyond the body, I'm a bit stumped, well i was, now i think I've got plans to go along the optical illusion/shadow/light ideas.  Hopefully this can fit into my exhibition module to, seeing as we want to do an exhibition in the Hadaba called 'flick my switch' all to do with light...
I've seen Kumi Yamashita's work and it's absolutely amazing, look...

All this from a few layers of wooden letters and thought about light direction. 

 Kumi Yamashita
 City View, 2003

And then there is Tim Noble and Sue Webster with their famous pieces like this!

Tim Noble, Sue Webster
Life is Rubbish, 2002

This is just a starting point, all I know is that I want to evolve this idea around the Beyond the body title...I'm going to let my head unwind for a couple of days and then get on with some serious thinking!

peace out, opera time

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