Thursday, 21 October 2010

feeling like im at a roots end...

So, I dont really know where I'm off too next with this project, in many ways I have more than enough to keep me busy but I dont feel like I have an idea that growing anywhere special.  Today I tried to take a leaf out of Claire Scullys book by drawing the seeds rather than just scanning them in, I did quite enjoy it and then I played with the images but I still can't find the next route to follow from here.
Here's my days work...

 This is just a pencil drawing on paper, scanned in and fiddled with.
And this is a basic idea of making the roots seem longer, to make an interesting continuing wallpaper pattern.
Older seedlings of my lettuces and rocket.  Trying to look at older roots, I seem to have an obsession with roots today...
The colourfulness and pretty bits of my fake roots.

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