Tuesday, 7 October 2014

S'been a big ol' time since I was last here, haven't had the focus, time or patience to do so, until now!  I know, totally rubbish huh?
Well, I've now got a first class honours degree and I'm going to my graduation on the 18th of this month in Plymouth, slightly excited and nervous!  I've got both my parents going, they've been split up since 97 and I rarely see them in the same room, let alone see them chat!  We shall see how that goes!
I've also started doing my work for myself, rather than my degree.  I've got a couple of commissions on the go as well as a art market in December and I've designed and am designing peoples tattoos.  Here's some work I've started/finished/ruined in the last few weeks....see you in a few months!  (hopefully sooner, I'll try to be less slack!)

 A tattoo design I did for a work mate, Eve.  She's getting it tattooed this Thursday, will add photos of the finished tattoo!

 Mr Stag, who started off well and then I completely buggered it by over doing the watercolour and dark colours.  I'm going to trace his outline/photoshop the basic shape and start again, I won't let him beat me!

The beginning of my robin for my xmas cards for the xmas market.  so far so go, just really basic, think his legs look a bit long, but we'll try and sort that out further down the line...

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