Saturday, 21 February 2015

Back to school...

So today I;ve begun editing the work I went and created with the middle class at North Petherwin School.  It was amazing fun and I have to say, I'm super impressed with the amazing work the children came out with.  

I begun the session with them looking at my work, the detail in it and the animals themselves.  I then showed them my version of 'The Forgotten Fieldbook' and how I had used it for my final show in my degree and it had looked at different endangered species in Plymouth and Devon.  I explained to them we would have a look at endangered animals around Cornwall and Devon and talked them through all the animals and plants they could draw.  The idea was to pick and endangered species and draw it out onto an A3 sheet focusing on the detail and interesting parts of the species.  And my, my, didn't they do well...

It was a process of pencil first, then pen once they were happy with their outlines and then finally colour and maybe adding a bit of background in.  This is a drawing of a Ring Ouzel.

Looking at examples of my work seemed to aid them in their detail.

I had two boys drawing the white clawed crayfish and they came out magnificently!

And this is the beginning of the fieldbook.  Taken from the idea of my final show piece, each page will show each species, the reasons behind why it's endangered and the drawings to go with this space.

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