Monday, 6 March 2017

Another day, another skill...

So this year, with a lot more spare/free time from not having a full-time teaching job, I'm trying to increase the subject knowledge I have by doing more creative and versatile skills.  I'm really lucky to not only have a lovely man by my side, but have a man who has a clever dad!  Malcolm is an experienced joiner who is now retired and keen to pass on his knowledge to others.  He has a lathe in his workshop that we made a dibber and bowl on.  It was an amazing experience and I loved learning a new skill that was so much fun!  


The first go I had was making a dibber (I did actually make it with his guidance, it just looks like he did all the making as I couldn't photograph myself doing it as well as do it!)  This was an easier feat than making the bowl as it used less tools, it was a great way to get to learn the tools and movement and a good present to give my mum for her birthday this year!

We used Mahogany wood offcuts Malcolm had laying around which had a lovely golden orange finish to them.  We had to make the piece of wood exactly circular first and the begin on the base. 

Once we had finished the base, I sanded it, sealed it and then used some beeswax to shine it up.  The other side of this piece isn't a hollow bowl, it was still a solid piece of wood. 

And here's the finished piece.  Really fun to make and a perfect nibbles bowl!  My brother, who is a carpenter, is very keen to have an attempt at this too.  With all his knowledge, I'm sure it'll be a tad better than mine, but it's not a competition now is it!

And my finished dibber...looks slightly butt-plug like but I am still proud of it!

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