Monday, 18 April 2011

easter egg holidays...

The holidays that seem to loom in the far distance have now passed me by, by almost half already, and I still have a whole heap of work to do, but I am feeling positive with my progress on most of my modules.

WBL is pretty much done and dusted, I just have to look over it all again, Professional Practise, again almost there just to practise my talk through a few times so I feel confident about what to chat about, and then there's Practise In Context and my Final Major.  I'm hoping to knuckle down with nothing by my essay and have it in ofr 1st fraft making with my tutor by friday at the latest, I'm 1960 words in, and a lot more to get off my chest yet.  Once thats clear, I feel the runway is ready to let the last and most important module take off properly(finally) which is my Final Major.

I want to create a sketchbook (along with this blog), a set of progress material and 2 final pieces which will work together; a wallpaper of photogram based mud screen print roots including the scientific and horticultural meaning of roots and a sculpture of the roots used for the images on the wallpaper finely presented, (varnished or left to look natural?) with laser cuttings from horticulture text books of words and phrases about roots.

I want my work to echo where I am at in my life, my strong interests of horticulture and the science behind plants, the idea of an obsession of roots and it would be brilliant to have an educational side to my work too.  This, I then feel brings in a purpose and essence to my work, whilst also being aesthetically pleasing.  It takes away this idea of a concept you have to look hard for in a lot of work, which I don't strongly agree with, as I think art should speak for itself, not have a whole lot of blurb to speak for it.

Lets just see...

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