Wednesday, 4 May 2011

a plans a plan, but only if you follow it...

This module has been full of ups and downs for me, especially with my ideas.  I seem to end up with none, and then have a influx of loads at once.

The last post on here was my brainstorming out loud, as I now hate the idea of using text in my work like that, and want my work to be a simple idea, which is aesthicically pleasing, and isn't as complex as my old stuff. 
The ideas from all my brainstorming has brought me to a solid conclusion of what I want to get out of the next few weeks.  I've decided to try something I've done before, and that I really enjoyed and found very successful.  It's wheatpasting.  It was in my orginal plan for this project but when I want something have a really amazing outcome I tend to get too carried away with ideas and over do it, especially with time.

I've managed to use the Bunker Project Exhibition as a mid-point in my FMP.  It was a defining moment for decision making in the way I know I still want to look at roots and horticulture, but I think the ways I've been trying to approach it haven't been what I've wanted.  In the beginning of this year, I just wanted to get the highest grade I could by doing what I thought the tutors would want me to do, but now I've realised that all I want out of this course, is to have enjoyed my time here, and make the most of the opportunity to make art.  By looking into growing things to really incorporate art and horticulture, was too much for me conceptually, I've always said I aim for process and an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Wheatpaste is a process I'm familiar with (which I think is important with my time scale) it's something I can bring into the studio, and it will be site situated too so I can do it from home and at college.  I've got some wicked ideas so it's just getting on with them, so now I have only 1 other deadline (in tomorrow) apart from my FMP, I'm revved up and ready to run with this space.

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