Saturday, 8 March 2014

Everydays an opportunity...

The last couple of weeks Ive been pretty slow on getting back into my final year.  I've had a pretty horrific car accident to get over but it hasn't stopped me, just slowed me for a while and now I'm getting back into my work, despite extenuating circumstances, I'm ridiculously behind.  So behind infact, I've got less that four weeks to complete a three month project that is worth 30% of my final grade and the lead up to my summer show idea. All I can say is EEK.

As I've previously said, I'm going in the direction of endangered species in the British Isles, well this was my starting point idea anyway.  I'm thinking of going a little more local.

As part of my Open Call application, I applied for a residency in Paris.  With this I wrote a Statement of Intent showing if I got the residency I would make pieces to put up around Paris of endangered or extinct species from the Parisian area.  This gave me the idea of making my current endangered species project more local to the Plymouth area.

In a tutorial with Steven and Neil, we discussed other ways to get the idea across to my art work.  We looked at Janey Cardiff and her piece Case Study B.  I love the idea of finding local endangered flora and fauna and making pieces of them around the city and finding a environmental scientist to do a walked tour just by sound.  This way, I can give a specific audience headsets that lead them around the city and talk about why I've chosen these specific flora and fauna and get my message across more clearly.

Exciting stuff.  A long way to go.

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