Saturday, 8 March 2014


So I've been looking at the Natterjack toad as it is a decreasing and endangered species in the UK.  I've already drawn in great detail an piece but I wanted to have a go at something along the lines of gyotaku, similar to the work I did for my Atlantic herring.  So!  I went and caught an amphibian, a common frog from my garden pond!  I found a non toxic type of paint that I would try and print with.  I placed a dob of paint onto a large piece of paper and put the frog on it to move around as it pleased. Then I tried to take prints from painting a thin layer on it's back and gently pressing paper on it.

I can't say any of the printing of trails it left where much of a success and I think the frog was happy to be plopped back into the pond after twenty minutes of harassment, but I'm glad I've tried.  I've got a few marks where you can clearly see the outline of huge frog, so maybe I can do something with these.  We shall see!

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