Wednesday, 5 January 2011

5 panels down...

Ok, so sofar all they look like a bits of plant matter, but that's the idea, to begin like this, and watch how they change in the different areas I put them.  I've decided that the location should be decided by a) different weather conditions to produce different affects on the greenery and possibility of growing seedlings b) somewhere that will have a good audience, whether they know they are looking at the pieces or not, so a busy rural area, like a pathway or national trust area, and urban areas like city parks or flower beds along the main street.  The part I'm still not sure of is if I want them to be completely out of place or not.  Should I put them places like, on sides of very visible trees, or on bus shelter windows and in popular graffiti spots?  I really like this idea, as it will be more in your face, more likely to become ephemeral for the reason of people taking them down!
So far I've made 5, which I will try and put up tonight or early tomorrow morning, I would prefer to put them up when not many people are around.  I hope to make a few more, maybe another 5, as many as I can, the more the merrier!

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