Monday, 31 January 2011

Final Major Project...

So here we start on the 40 credit module that will define my 2 years here at PCAD.  Where do I start?  How do I keep the underlying panic under control?  How do I make sure I enjoy this experience and not cock it up too easily like my last project?!  Well, I begin with looking at things I would love to include and continue:  sustainability of most of my work, keeping current issues intwinned with my conceptual ideas and mixing horticulture with my love of art.

I begin with looking at James Lovelocks theory of how the Earth is one complex entity, continually seeking and optimal equilibrium and one level of calm.  I've also continued looking at Claire Morgans work and the way she has an energy and movement to her work that is all in the way ech single tiny piece is positioned. 

My first idea is to include bulbs, rhizomes of some form and tree roots.  I have already hung 4 bulbs (supposedly 1 each for fire, earth, water and wind, the 4 main elements of James Lovelocks theories) and I want to work onto these with my previous experiences with the wheat paste ideas.  The bulbs have flaking thin skins that will fit in similarly with the colour and form of the wheatpaste, so this is something I want to continue experimenting with.

The idea of the tree roots, fits in with an exhibition I'm showing at in March.  It will be to take a young tree, possibly 2-4 years of age, so as it's not too big, and cut it off from the bottom of the trunk, so just the roots and a few inches of the trunk are present.  Then, for the exhibition I want to attach the trunk to the ceiling, so the roots hang down, and again, work into the roots with the wheatpaste ideas.

So for the next week or 2, I will need to:
  • Find a source of a few young trees I can dig up myself so they have a good root structure,
  • Experiment with the wheatpaste ideas onto my bulbs and document through photography
  • Continue researching artists and James Lovelock theories and similar.

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