Friday, 7 January 2011

all in place and settling in nicely, hopefully!

So, last night, after I finished my last panel, I went out and found 7 different spots around Plymouth that I thought would show a different environment for each panel, whether it be dry, windy, wet, cold, warm, likely to get taken down, all of these, to see if any of them grow their seedlings so we can see them change, or if they all stay relitively similar to the way they look now.  My idea was to produce a series of wallpapers, but this wouldn't have worked with the time I had left, as wallpapers are a larger thing altogether and would have taken me ages to finish.  I wanted to be able to focus on the situation and changing of the panels, rather than making them.  I also said I wanted to creating a fluctuating, ephemeral and dynamic piece that changes with the differences in its surroundings, and I'm hoping what you see below, will not be too ephemeral, but with time, fluctuate and be dynamic in their own situations.
Here is my first panel, in a park on the side of a tree next to the path.  This will slightly blend into its environment, be sheltered from the strongest elements of the wind and rain and possibly grow.  If not, I think it makes an interesting site situated art-work on its own, as I intended.
I chose to put this one here, as it slightly merges with the moss and shrub bed above it, and below(out of the photograph)  there where bits of dirt and leaves.  By just looking at this photo, you can also see how it does stand out though too.  I also chose to put it here because again it will be naturally watered by the rain, be slightly out of the strongest elements, but be somewhere more urban than the tree above that is an unusual place for something like seedlings to grow.

My third piece, somewhere very obvious, juxtaposing and easily torn down soon as permission is required to flyer here.  It will be interesting how long it stays up, and if it even gets time to visually flucuate.
This was put on a flat surface, on top of a wall right on the edge of the barbican looking out to sea.  I placed it by some of the ivy growing over the side.  I know (especially with the weather we're having today) that this piece won't last long, or grow as a matter of fact.  The elements will be harsh on it, and more than likey rip it right away before someone else does!
This was placed in the underground bus-station, which is totally under cover.  It won't grow due to it being fry, which makes me think, should I interfer and water it every evening?  It will be out of all the elements here, but close to alot of visitors, which will make an interesting documentation...
This one is placed on an old rusting billboard, just outside the main city centre, which I have had a fascination with for a long time.  It merges in with its colour, and is so small its almost impossible many people will see it.  I set it just above eye-line, so that the people who do notice it will be suprised to see something like this here.  I think it has a chance to grow, as it's facing opposite the prevailing winds and it's not on a highly busy walkway.
Last but not least, I placed this one on a wall opposite my flat balcony, so as to watch as people view it.  It's next to a pavement which gets very busy for the local school run, and it's next to one of my pieces from a module last year of a guy drinking a pint of beer.  That's been there for amost a year, so it gives me hope about this new piece of work.
I'm off in this disgusting weather now to go and document my first day of my panels exciting outdoor lives.  I just hope they're still there after such a short time.

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