Monday, 7 March 2011


The first roots I found were massive.  This was a few weeks back when I still had no idea of proportioning of my roots and the heaviness of them.  So a few days before I came up with an idea.  If I couldn't take the whole root, why not take a section, to show the complexity, the size range of roots, the form and shape of each and every root in that area.  So I ventured down with a few saws a camera and my dog (big mistake taking him as he likes to bark constantly, if he's not centre of attention!) and get sawing.  Without realising, I think I picked the part of the rrot system that contained the thickest part of the roots, so after a good half hour I retired home.  Next day I came back (without the headache of the dog) and was patient.  I got through it all in about another half an hour with a beautiful piece of root system:
I managed to carry it to the car, and drive it back home. Happy days!
Next I retrieved my root from a week or so ago.  I'd left it in the back of my brothers van to stay safe and dry out slightly.  I managed to move it to the car and take it to my dads where I drilled in newly bought screw-in eyes.  2 large in the trunk and 2 small on some of the roots, so I can attach it to the ceiling by other screw-in eyes and cable ties.  I just hope the ceiling can take it.  If not I'll have to find some supports or add wood to the ceiling and screw into them.  Fingers crossed it all goes to plan.(Photos of screw-in eyes etc to come, click on featured photos for a closer look)

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