Wednesday, 2 March 2011

work in progress...

Ive' got my root,
I've got my bulbs
I've got my ideas...

It should be all go from here.  I just hope I can fit it all in for the exhibition, and all my ideas go to plan.  That's not too much to ask now is it?

Here are my root ideas:
  • Attach root to ceiling, attempt the idea of including mud 'clumps' on fish line or to make it sustainable and more eco-friendly, use human hair?
  • Play videos along next to tree root, of diffing up root, chain sawing, and general root videos, edited together.
  • Work into roots by different methods, of lazer cutting, soldering iron, wheatpasting onto them, or drilling.
  • Create a collection of root obsessions, by painting roots, photograms, screen prints etc
  • Cut areas of large root into squares and frame in an open and backless frame.  Possibly light from behind to show the silohuette of the root, highlighting its form and shape.
  • Cut off one single root and attach it to a metal pole attached to a plate, allowing it to sit vertically on the floor, as a single sculpture.
I'm going to move away from the bulb ideas at the moment and possibly come back to them again in a while, once I've got these root ideas rolling.
Another artist I came across today is Philippa Lawrence, amazing work, very influential, and quite similar to Claire Morgan.

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