Friday, 27 September 2013

Exhibitions from all directions...

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been helping out with a friends exhibition here in Bude.  The Cruel and Curious Sea, organised and directed by Hickory Nines very own Cai Waggett and in association with the National Trust, Finisterre and Harbour Brewing Company.  Tonight is the opening night where over 17 mixed medium artists will be flaunting their talents in the many dark alcoves of Stowe Barton.  Watching it come together over the last couple of weeks, seeing Cai and the team overcome possible setbacks and having the chance to witness the whole process from start to finish has been incredible and I am thoroughly looking forward to the next two nights.  
It's been a hands on job, from riffling through stinky marine waste and finding all the good bits for display, to helping the artists put up their work.  I've really enjoyed each process and I hope I can use it as a chance to meet new people, network with the local and surrounding artists and use it to inspire me to continue with my own art practise and get it out there, recognised and in similar exhibitions in the future.

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