Thursday, 3 October 2013

Cruel and Curious...

Here are a few images of the Cruel and Curios Art event I have been involved in...

Posters and leaflets advertising the event, illustrated by featured artist, Danni Bradford (see another of her images below)

A clear night (yet cold and windy!) for the grand opening on Friday.  A great turn out and generally, a brilliant night.

The main 'shippon' gallery displaying the majority of the artwork from the 17 exhibitors.  A beautiful ambience was created by used a mixture of lighting from light boxes, hand held lanterns, artists lamps and candles! 

A beautiful setting adorned with marine and nautical props.  

The 'Storeroom' Gallery where viewing the artwork meant using a lantern for light.  A brilliant way of getting close and personal with the artwork and seeing it from a different point of view.

Which way floats your boat?

Sue Read's display.  A local artist with a plethora of work on show.

Bryn Hall's work on display.  One of my favourite parts of the exhibition.

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