Thursday, 3 October 2013


As part of the third year, we are encouraged to be part of the visiting lecturers talks, so today, I gladly sat in on the Take A Part talk, an arts in the public realm project.  Mainly run by Kim Wide, the project incorporates communities, artists and art, with the aim to "engage people in making decisions and influencing their local area - embedding contemporary arts practice in the process of regeneration.  Paramount to the process is the fact that the artwork created is as important as the process of creating the work itself."

Sitting in on todays lecture gave me and others a chance to engage with Kim and Gemma and have the chance to be more than just students in a lecture theatre.  They gave a list of opportunities that can involve us in the project, from researching the history of Barn Barton and and creating a history walk workshop to working with the Barn Barton primary school to create plaques and signs describing the learning involved through studying the street signs and names of Barn Barton's roads.

So not only would it benefit me with my CV and application onto a PGCE, be primary research to aid my dissertation title of art being a possible effective teaching practice, but also it would benefit the local community, open up new windows for the students and community members.  It will also give me an insight into working with art education in community based projects, broadening my knowledge of teaching as a whole.

This whole project really excites me.  If I can get involved as I hope I can and merge it together with my arts practice and work load, I will be a very happy bunny!  Bounce, bounce!

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