Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Have a little fishy on a little dishy...

Ok, so its almost a month into my final year at university, I've had a week of inductions and freshers, 2 weeks of an opening project and now it's time to get my head down and focus.  This coming weekend I will be moving down into my new digs in Plymouth, saving me a lot of time, petrol and energy from commuting from Cornwall 3-4 times a week.  I will be hugely sad to leave my house mates, friends and new little life behind, but I can always head back once I become a fully fledged teacher!
I've had time to talk to a careers adviser this morning about which route to take with my teacher training, whether it be primary or post 16.  There are pros and cons for both one being that in Cornwall everybody wants to be a primary school teacher so there is a lot of competition, and another being that in post 16 education, it's hard to find full time work...decisions have to be made, volunteering needs to be done and I definitely need to focus on what I think will make me happy!  But for now, it's all about the art work and the dissertation!

Last week we all presented our work that build up out of our opener project.  I took it as a chance to get back into my art work that I did before I finished my Foundation Degree, Wheat pasting.  This time round I'm a lot more focused on what I want to say through my work and what concepts I should focus on.  Environmental concerns and the human impact upon our surroundings has always been something I've wanted to be more in the public view and not understood why it hasn't been.  Every move we make, everything we buy, every decision we makes an impact on our surroundings.  The choice to buy the free range egg sandwich in the paper bag or the bottom trawled tuna sandwich in the plastic box, the decision to walk to work today, rather than drive, or the choice between buying a new mascara made from natural, ethically sourced ingredients, or just go with the newly advertised max-lash?  Our lives are filled with choices and decisions and the majority will effect someone or something else.

The part I'm interested in is how can we show our younger generation how to make the choices that will better our planet, its oceans, forests and all the living things on it, rather than just doing what's easiest for now?

Let me make things clear now, I do consider myself an activist (and an artist!), but not one who tells people what to do.  I have a voice and an opinion and I choose to show people both.  In my mind, if people know and understand about their effects in the planet today, tomorrow, they might change one small thing in their everyday life that could better it.  That one change is good enough for me.

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