Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas has been and gone, but this module still lingers...

My work is still not finished! And it's driving me mad!  I really had so many high hopes for this project, and in the beginning I had so much determination to get the best of it, but instead, it seems to have got the best of me.  Here is my plan for the next 16 days!
  • Before the new year I want to have at least 3 long panels finished and ready to be watered.  This is so I can wet them once hung as a full wallpaper on one of the panels in Studio 11.  It takes about a day to fully stitch, seed, leaf and moss up my wallpaper, so this should give me just enough time.  I want to make each panel long enough to fit the length of a panel, but this makes it very difficult to work with, so I might have to change it to 2 panels for one length, just so i get a better finish.  This will mean one being the top, with leaves and a seed with the roots beginning, and then the lower part just being roots.
  • The college opens on the 4th January so my plan is to sign-out a moving image camera and tripod(x2, one for my digital stills camera) to record and shoot:1, my plants growing by photographing them every few hours, and 2, to record the process of them being put up, the reactions of the audience and them growing all in one moving image shot, which will then be played as part of my assessment piece.
  • Hang my wallpaper, water it when needed, whilst filming for different parts of the day, photographing the growth and possibly the audience's reactions to its constantly changing body.
Another crazy artist I found who works with seeds is James Buhler, check him out!

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