Monday, 6 December 2010

motivation, only when I can be bothered...

I seem to be doing a lot of thinking and having a few different brain waves with this project, but it seems to be just thinking and not much doing, so this week, I am aiming to get doing!

First things first, I want to keep researching artists, all the way through this project, i doint think it does anything for me but improve my thinking time and imagination with what people can do with horticulture and art.  It's also quite s specialist area of fine art, that it's difficult to find a lot of artists I find iconic and influential all at once, so it does take a lot of time and effect for the research to pay off.

I also want to start sewing my seeds!  I have a start point this week of what i want to do, it's to buy a few roles of cotton wool (it's a natural, grown material, that retains water for seeds to grow in, and something I can sew into which will help it structurally and aesthetically) and grow different kinds of seeds in it, to see how they take and how they grip to it.

Aswell as cotton wool, I would like to briefly try out a few other materials, maybe a mixture of wallpaper and muslin cloth, a thicker material that can be water drenched to help seed/plant growth.

I need to continue to practise with a sewing machine, so actually getting hold of a decent one that doesn't rip my material and cotton would be lovely!

Also on my travels around the internet I was lucky enough to come across Mosstika

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