Thursday, 16 December 2010


So here is the beginnings of my situations work.  It's still work in progress but it's slowly coming into a finalised idea.  My time plan is to get the basics finished before the Christmas holidays, including watering some seeds and beginning the molding process, and then over the holidays and the last 2 weeks place the grwoing cottonwallpaper in different situations.  These situations have yet to be discovered and decided upon but I want places indoors and out, public and solitary, rural and urban, filming putting the pieces in place, and also documenting the decreation, fluctuation and dynamic change through photography and again, film.
 I saw work by Sybille Hotz which inspired me to try and do some interior work of a plant as my main sewn image onto cottonwool, but I'm still unsure.
 About a month ago I tried to start my moss graffiti project by growing my own moss, This is how it ended up, pure mold pretty much, colourful though, although I don't know how good it is for my health with it being in the kitchen!
 Tree roots, my favourite so far, I would love to incorporate the thickness, overall shape and form in with the texture of the cottonwool once worked over. 
 The beginning of a seedling with a large group of roots, using multi-coloured cotton sewn root systems, stem, leaves and seed.
 My first attempt of a complete tree.
 Cow parsley, easy and effective.
 A full seedling, with first leaves coloured with green and black thread.
Place of piece and work, sewing and sowing!

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