Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Good morning, anyone for a cuppa research?...

Ok, so I realise I've been a bit disheartened and slack on getting on with my situations project.  After getting a lower mark than I aimed for with my last module, and being side-tracked with Christmas just around the corner, visiting Berlin and other family commitments, I've now taken it on to kick myself up the butt and get on with it.  I'm getting a sewing machine out from college for a few days from this afternoon, and this morning I went to the library and got out loads of relevant books to research a bit more.  I have a good idea of what I want to produce:
  • A wallpaper made up of natural materials, the base of it being cotton wool, 
  • sewed into with cotton stitching on the sewing machine, maybe layering with
  • fabrics and recycled material, and
  • different types of seed and bulb laced into and onto all this, 
  • the only thing I'm still undecided on is the pattern of which I can work with, it's between a large free-hand sewing machine stitched tree image, possibly repeated in pattern, or an old-school wallpaper pattern...still unsure.
I want this to portray my concept, my proposal being:

To create an ephemeral, dynamic and fluctuating environment, by creating a living wallpaper using mixed media that constantly fluctuates depending on its situation.  Making a few different experimental pieces (but all quite similar) that can be positioned in different situations  These situations with be different so as to affect the growth and process of the piece.
This project is to research the living element of the piece's response to changing situations and how this changes the final pieces themselves.

 The use of mixed media is for me to broaden my horizons in art practises and processes, as well as adding to the aesthetical side of the piece.  The main focus will be on the growth and change of situation and time-lapse on the living parts of the wallpaper.  I hope to include different shapes and sizes of seeds that germinate at different rates, and produce different size, shades and colours of seedlings.  Possibly bulbs, I still have to experiment with timings and water content with these.  I would like to try using some mushroom spawn and possibly using different cultures like yoghurt mold and moss etc, the cultures and molding thoughts will fit in with the ephemeral side and be another new process.  I would like to see if it becomes a symbiotic relationship which, in turn with create my dynamic and fluctuating environments.
I realise the constraints on this project, I think these have been what have also held me back on starting this project properly already.  The most obvious being, it is winter and trying to grow alot of the seedlings in a warm inside environment is fine, but then trying to move the pieces to the situation I want them in, possibly outside will kill near to all of them.  Time constraints hold me back on using certain plants and seeds as you cannot hurry a plant!  TIME, CLIMATE and SEASON all seem to be against me, but instead of letting it defeat me, it's all about incorporating it.

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