Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Artist research:
Ghada Amer
This image above is made by Amer sewing onto a dark surface with cotton and leaving the threads loose.  I love the effect of the final piece without looking at her concepts, just looking at the piece aesthetically.  They immediately reminded me of roots, and spurs me on to continue with sewing and not worry about getting bits wrong, nothing is perfect and if I can incorporate this type of idea of roots and cotton, like some ideas I had for the last module but was unable to grow off it then, something could come of it now.

Susie Macmurray
This is a photograph of Macmurray's site specific work, a piece called Echo.  It is made up of 10,000 hairnets all weaved with violin bow-hair.  The way she's made it fit in with the site, by the colours filtering in beautifully, and how it makes the photo almost seemed aged or like a painting.  She produced this work with the idea in mind of a cloud, which the virgin mary is traditionally taken up to heaven in a cloud.    She is also shown with a hourde of angels all playing musical instruments, hense the violin bow hairs incorporated.  The hairnets all gather together like droplets creating a cloud.

Catherine Bertola
I've had Betola's book 'Lost Narritives' out from the library for a week or 2 now, and it covers this piece of work which, has to be my favourite of her work.  I love the way it's a very ordinary, everyday 2D wallpaper, and she's made it come alive, just by changing its dimension.  The contrast of the shadow on the cream background is brilliant.

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